Saba | New Song Side Table | Set of Three

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New Song complements with a contained size and an organic shape, featuring rounded lines that are in perfect harmony with the surrounding space, becoming an elegant yet discreet presence. It is a small table with a minimal look, a computational unit that can be linked endlessly using the two holes on the surface and the dual characteristics of height and size. Each piece is autonomous
in terms of shape and function and can be used individually. Multiple tables can be arranged to create a symphony of shapes for more complex compositions and original uses. The surfaces emit the warm notes of walnut wood with a natural finish, the edges are curved and visibly thick, and the legs are made of solid wood.


small low table: 62 x 52 x 22cm
small high table: 62 x 52 x 36cm
large low table: 62 x 81 x 22cm
large high table: 62 x 81 x 36cm

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